Another new year in Chemistry!

2016 was a really exciting year for Chemistry indeed! With the latest Nobel Prize in Chemistry having such interesting content, and so many new discoveries, here’s to 2017 being an even more successful year!

PTES is currently undergoing some new Professional Development for staff and Study Skills for students. At the moment, Dr. Makarimi Kassim has already shown the staff how Mindmaps are generated, and have helped the students begin to use them in their studies. The Chemistry students have made some Mindmaps from the topic: Organic Chemistry – Carbonyl Compounds. Here are some of the lovely products from our students:

So which of the Mindmaps above suits your preference? Which ones would truly aid you in more efficient revision?

Personally, I prefer infographics! As usual, our go-to source of Weekly Infographics is Compound Interest. Here’s one that tries to summarize the reasons for why some bodily fluids are coloured as they are.

Do you want to know more about why a certain fluid from any source has a certain colour? Glowsticks maybe? Drop us an email at and we may make that the subject of our next post! Until then, have a great week!

The Machine – Admin 0014


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