Flame ON!

With the arrival of our new batch of L6, here’s hoping they all come in with a fiery desire to excel in Chemistry! Remember the MOTTO of our Chemistry Department!

1% Exams, 99% Exploration!

There is no point doing well in exams… if you haven’t really learnt anything beyond plain memorization. Remember Bloom’s Taxonomy!


How far up the pyramid are you in terms of learning? One should always aim all the way up to Analysis at A-Level… and then constantly be attempting Synthesis & Evaluation for all steps along the way.

Now let’s get right into it. Here are some Flame Test Colours!


One of the oldest methods of identifying traces of metal ions, all that has to be done, is to burn the sample with a flame and observe the color given off. Now, this method of analysis is simple and quick. However, if the sample isn’t pure, what you will observe would be a mixture of colors.

Look forward to learning about electronic configuration, energy levels & theory of color for transition metal complexes in aqueous solution to find out more about why a given ion would give off a certain color!

Until the next post, work hard! 100 Hours Revision Cards can be downloaded here.


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